Duke University

Duke University Licensing and Ventures is the venture arm of Duke University, with the mission to invest in exciting and revolutionary technology introduced or created by entrepreneurs with an affiliation to Duke University, and a desire to effectuate positive global change.


Based in Singapore, Longview International Limited is a venture company with a track record of investing in companies with a foundation of promising and transformative biotechnology, led by successful entrepreneurs with a passion to innovate. The firm’s active investment approach focuses on strategic capitalization, business development support, and helping drive technological innovation.

Paul Funk

Paul Funk

In 1982, Paul Funk founded Funk Software. Its first product, Sideways, printed VisiCalc and Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets at a 90-degree rotation on dot-matrix printers, allowing very wide spreadsheets to be printed without resorting to glue or tape. The product regularly made the Softsel Hot List, and the company followed up with other Lotus add-in products, culminating in Allways, which provided 1-2-3 with complete publishing capabilities comparable to Microsoft’s recently introduced Excel. Funk Software sold Allways to Lotus Development in 1989. In the 1990’s, Funk Software released Proxy, the first remote control product fully operational from Windows, and Steel-Belted Radius, one of the earliest products to utilize the RADIUS protocol to provide backend authentication for network access. In the 2000’s, Funk Software’s Odyssey 802.11 client was a popular industry alternative to the Microsoft WiFi client, and allowed the company to provide both client and server modules for network admission control. The company was acquired by Juniper Networks in 2005.

Milestone Holdings

Milestone is founded on thoughtful investment and seasoned decision making to exclusively manage the assets of Gregory Chabolla, David Christensen and their families. A private, closely-held, California-based investment company, Milestone is backed by over 65 years of experience with flexibility to invest in a wide variety of asset classes across globe.

Woodbourne Capital Management International, LP

Woodbourne Capital Management International focuses on developing, owning and operating high-quality apartments, senior housing communities and other multi-residential real estate assets in prime urban areas across Canada.


Grid has developed a rapid and efficient platform to discover human-derived antibodies from single B cells. We are focused on cancer cell targets and are very interested in partnering with companies and investors who are interested in our approach.

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